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Auto leasing is a popular form of vehicle financing that requires a reduced level of financial involvement from the customer. An auto lease (or car lease) is a form of “renting” where a customer takes ownership of a car for a limited period of time. This period is generally a few years after which the car is returned to the auto leasing company. The price of the lease is typically related to the rate of depreciation of the car over the number of years that the lease will be active. On signing a car lease, a customer is expected to pay a down payment that can vary in value. Many people criticize the concept of vehicle leasing as it appears to be a rather wasteful investment since you don’t own the car at the end of the lease contract.
Closer inspection and toying with numbers will reveal that car leasing is no different to buying a car with a loan or even in cash considering the depreciation that cars undergo. In essence, a car lease is an excellent way of owning a car if you are considering a brand new late model car, and if you prefer to own a different vehicle every few years rather than stick with a single vehicle for the long haul. Hempstead Car Leasing was born not with the purpose of offering a similar service but to overcome the obstacles and main annoyances that lessees encounter with a lease contract. To learn more about our service or about leasing in general, speak to one of our auto leasing experts on 516-543-3131.

Auto leasing with Hempstead Car Leasing

If you are interested in an auto lease, you might be met with some criticism on the model and with good reason. A car lease would be ideal if you only have to pay a little more than the actual rate of depreciation of a car; in reality, you will find that the amount you pay at the end of the lease is lot more than the vehicle’s depreciation. Another issue is the lack of options available if you need to cancel a lease contract. While contracts are signed for a reason, a vehicle lease is a major commitment so adequate measured need to be in place to allow a lessee to get out of one if necessary.
These are two issues among a few others and Hempstead Car Leasing has a solution to all of them. With the matter of price, we started by acknowledging this issue which we agreed with. This is why we opted to focus on an online platform instead of a physical dealership as it means lower operating costs and in turn lower leasing prices on our cars. Customers are happy to lease their cars with us on the basis of price alone but that’s not the only reason why Hempstead Car Leasing is different.
We also have easy exit options in case you want to terminate your lease early. Apart from that, we have plenty of other benefits such as a wide selection, highly experienced leasing professionals and more.
If you are interested in leasing a car, give us a ring on 516-543-3131 and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.