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Kia Leasing in Hempstead

Kia is stepping up its game in the automobile industry and threatening the likes of Japanese automakers like Toyota and Honda. Kia is another car manufacturer focusing on value while maintaining a high level of quality. Another very notable aspect of Kia is its lengthy warranty which blows its competition out of the water. The warranty alone can stand testimony to the durability and reliability of their products. Kia offers a range of sedans, SUVs and compact vehicles. Their cars come with ordinary gas fuel, hybrid options as well as an electric vehicle option (the Soul EV).
Most of Kia’s offerings maintain a very affordable price point except for its K900 model. The K900 is Kia’s attempt at a luxury sedan and they have done impressively well. Despite being the most expensive vehicle in its inventory, it is perhaps the most affordable offering in the market it is in. the luxury full size sedan market comprises of several players and the K900 heavily threatens them with the modest price tag of around $55,0000. The K900 is quite large and offers plenty of space. The Korean manufacturer has not held back on features and the Kia is well equipped making it a versatile tool. Finally, the K900 is also fully loaded with all the latest safety features.
If you are interested in their offerings, there’s plenty to choose from. Hempstead Car Leasing offers the Cadenza Sedan, Forte Hatchback, Forte Koup, Forte Sedan, K900 Sedan, Optima Hybrid Sedan, Optima Hybrid, Optima Sedan, Rio Hatchback, Rio Sedan, Sedona Minivan, Sorento SUV, Soul EV Wagon, Soul Wagon and the Sportage SUV. Get in touch with us on 516-543-3131 to find out more about our Kia cars.

Modify your Kia

Kia certainly offers great value for money so you may be tempted to throw in some additional features or make some customizations to make the car more tasteful by your standards. In fact, it won’t be such a bad idea considering the fact that you also save with our great car leasing deals on top of the value that Kia offers. You don’t need to work with an exclusive Kia dealership if this is the case. We offer all the modifications you could want with our service. Simply talk to one of our vehicle experts and we’ll be happy to have your Kia shipped with these inclusions. You can get an update on the price by speaking to one of our car leasing experts. Once your lease has been approved, we will deliver the Kia to you with the modifications you requested for.

Call us today

Wanting modifications for your Kia is not the only reason to get in touch with us. Even if you’d rather drive a stock Kia and you can simply sign up for your lease with our website, a quick chat with one of our sales people can help you pick on something you may have missed. Unlike other car leasing services, we ensure that our customers are well informed of the negatives of any car models because we know the feeling of making a commitment to a car only to regret it later. Call us on 516-543-3131 and we’ll be happy to help.