Lease Termination in Hempstead

Lease termination can be a challenging process depending on the terms of your auto leasing company. In most cases, there are strict limitations to a lease contract despite the fact that a car may be practically yours during the terms of your lease. When the contract is over and you have to return your car, the rightful owner, i.e. the leasing company incorporates a number of restrictions to ensure that they are not getting a sour deal. While it is understandable for car leasing services to charge you for mileage overages and other issues, some auto leasing agencies tend to push the boundaries on compensation and charge exorbitant amounts.
Similarly, some customers can be unruly and unjust by refusing to pay compensation after being quite careless and misusing the vehicle. This is one of the main issues encountered with managing a lease contract and is an area that Hempstead Car Leasing has invested a lot of thought in, to ensure that our lessees as well as our company are equally satisfied at the end of a leasing agreement. We have a streamlined, simple process in place at the end of a lease contract to make for a smooth transition. Similar to initiation of a lease where we bring it to you free of charge, at termination of a lease, we will pick up your car and you have the option of signing for a new lease if you want to. To learn more, contact us on 516-543-3131.

Lease termination procedure with Hempstead Car Leasing

At Hempstead Car Leasing, we primarily ease the process of lease termination by doing much of the ground work before even the initiation of a lease. To prevent any misinterpretation between the customer and our leasing contract, we ensure that we verbally explain all terms in detail and gain verbal consent apart from the official signing of the lease. This smoothens out a lot of grey areas pertaining to compensation. In addition, we advise our customers on maintenance. Each car requires maintenance but some may need special attention. Our car experts detail our customers with taking care of their vehicle to maintain excellent condition throughout the leasing period.
As we approach the end of a leasing agreement, our inspections are arranged well in advance so that we can have a look and alert our lessees several months before if any charges are due. This also gives us plenty of time to discuss any discrepancies and iron them out before the termination of a lease. Finally, with our low overheads, we are a lot more accommodating with vehicle use and don’t excessively charge our customers. Compensation is only applicable for very significant damage. Even in this scenario, we charge our customers at cost with no fees on top. You will find most auto leasing agencies to charge compensation for common part replacements and maintenance at a rate higher than the industry average. We refrain from these practices.
If you would like to learn more about our lease termination practices, contact us on 516-543-3131.