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Lincoln Leasing in Hempstead

Lincoln is a Ford brand catering to luxury and exclusive vehicles. Lincoln focuses on sedans and SUVs. Their line up comprises of mid-range vehicles suitable for families and businessmen. Lincoln vehicles tend to be spacious and are built to be larger than average in general. This gives the driver and passenger plenty of space and comfort. With the combination of Ford’s engineering and Lincoln’s unique style; if you are considering a luxury vehicle, a Lincoln should certainly be on your short list.
Lincoln offers seven models currently with one of them, the MKZ sedan, available as a hybrid version. Apart from the MKZ, the MKS is another sedan offers by Lincoln, as well as the Continental sedan. The MKS in particular is quite interesting as it has a combination of unique positive characteristics including an exceeding level of comfort (as expected) and other features to go along with it like great performance with its V6 engine and a decent number of miles on the gallon. With this combination of features; the MKS sedan is certainly an option you should be considering. The remaining Lincoln models include their single wagon option (the MKT) and three SUV models, namely; MKC, MKX and Navigator. Hempstead Car Leasing offers all these models at a nominal price. If you are looking to lease a Lincoln, give us a call for a deal you can’t match elsewhere. Our hotline is 516-543-3131.

Early termination of your Lincoln lease

If you have signed up for an auto lease with us for your Lincoln and find yourself in a situation where you need to terminate your lease early, you have plenty of options. Our car leases are structured with policies in favor of lessees and their best interests. We understand that sometimes there might be a need to get out of a lease due to financial constraints and other reasons. If this is the case, we would be more than happy to accommodate your request. You can cancel your lease by paying a relatively lower cancellation charge, or better yet, request a lease transfer. With a lease transfer, you wouldn’t have to wait as long as you usually would as our auto leasing team will be working in full swing to secure a lease buyer to undertake the remainder of your lease.
While we do allow lessees to get out of their lease quite easily and conveniently, we do not experience a high percentage of early terminations. This is because most requests for lease cancellation are due to a genuine need rather than dissatisfaction with their vehicle. Our lease consultation is comprehensive and ensures that customer satisfaction will be guaranteed during the full course of the lease.

Contact us today

If you would like a thorough consultation for your Lincoln as well, all you need to do is call us on our hotline. Our sales professionals are well versed with all Lincoln models along with other luxury brands; if you are considering multiple brands, we can give you an accurate review of what to expect from the respective models you are considering for your next lease. Learn more by contacting 516-543-3131.