Why Choose Hempstead Car Leasing

Hempstead Car Leasing is an auto leasing service bringing specialized car leasing services across several car manufacturers. On the surface, you may assume that our service is as different as the next leasing company but a little bit of inspection will reveal the major distinctions that Hempstead Car Leasing has to offer. Hempstead Car Leasing is an online auto leasing agency. We have no physical car lot but maintain a virtual car showroom. Our vehicles are showcased online; this gives us unlimited real estate to display our vehicle options.
Hempstead Car Leasing aims to neutralize all the annoyances that come with the car leasing industry. From poor service to high prices; there are plenty of issues that are surrounding the various car leasing companies in Hempstead as well as all across the United States. Learn more about why you should work with our new age auto leasing company.

Lowest prices in the industry

Our online leasing service is not a matter of maximizing profits. While the move was certainly made to lower our capital and operating costs, our motive is to pass these savings on to our leasing rates. You will find that our leasing rates are significantly lower than any other leasing company in the area. Discounts in pricing have been incorporated across all aspects of your lease. Apart from the down payment and monthly price, we also offer other benefits; we offer higher mileage caps on the leasing contract, you pay less per mile if you exceed this value and we do not excessively charge compensation for wear and tear at the end of your lease.
The above factors alone take care of several issues that the industry suffers from. Apart from our low prices, you can also alter the terms of your lease and we provide car financing support so a car that may seem completely out of reach may actually very well be affordable when you work with Hempstead Car Leasing.

Customer focused service

Most people don’t turn to a car salesperson for advice on buying or leasing a car. This is mainly due to the fact that car sales people are trained to sell and while they may be great at their jobs, it may not always work in favor of their customer. Sales people tend to avoid declaring common issues that a customer may face with a particular they are interested in which may lead to dissatisfaction. In protection of the car leasing company, strict policies on cancellation are imposed to prevent customers terminating their lease early.
At Hempstead Car Leasing, we are committed to offering unbiased, accurate feedback on any vehicle model they are interested in and recommend that customers thoroughly inspect and test drive a car they are looking to lease. In addition, we have relaxed policies in place for early termination so customers have a choice of getting out of a lease at a later point prior to the expiration of the lease.

By attending to the above factors, we have managed to fix the main issues that keep customers from leasing a car and selecting another mode of owning a car. We also offer several other value additions. To learn more about our services and what makes us different, get in touch with us on 516-543-3131.