Lease Returns from Hempstead Car Leasing

When you work with Hempstead Car Leasing, returning your old vehicle can be a breeze. Quite often, customers have retorted that one of the worst aspects of a lease is returning it. A strict process during a lease return is perhaps something that will typically require some scrutiny. After all, when you lease a vehicle, the leasing company owns the car and after a third party uses the vehicle and returns it after a considerable period of time, the company needs to ensure that they are not getting the shorter end of the stick. For this reason, leasing companies tend to include severe penalties and fees after assessing the vehicle. They impose heavy compensation fees if the vehicle is a little used up in terms of wear and tear and maintenance.
At Hempstead Car Leasing, we are a lot more lenient and expect a certain level of wear and tear which is only natural after using a car for several months. In addition, our low cost business model allows us to be less strict with lease returns.

Thorough inspections

As you near the end of your lease, we suggest getting in touch with one of our staff who will be happy to pay a visit and summarize the state of the vehicle. You can contact us on 516-543-3131 and arrange an inspection. We would be happy to provide you with useful guidelines and changes you can make on your car to reduce the overall costs associated with your leasing contract upon return. At Hempstead Car Leasing, we will also be happy to assist you if you are currently working with another leasing provider and would like to transfer your lease to us. As you near the end of your lease, you might be interested in acquiring a new car. At Hempstead Car Leasing, we are constantly updating our inventory to feature the latest models from virtually every car manufacturer. You can always speak with us ahead of time to discuss the terms of your next leasing agreement so you won’t have any down time in between cars.

Returning your lease early

Returning a lease early, otherwise referred to as early termination of your lease, is another feature that we have available at Hempstead Car Leasing. If you have grown tired of your car or need to return your car prematurely for various other reasons, we will be happy to accommodate your request. We are not going to impose heavy penalties and fees as we understand that your decision to end your lease early would be due to a significant reason. We make the process of ending your lease early a breeze; we can also assist you with transferring your lease which is a viable option if you have quite a few months left. This can save you a lot of money and would benefit another individual who wants a short term lease without having to pay a down payment.
Get started with Hempstead Car Leasing and experience the breath of fresh air that comes with signing up with a flexible auto leasing company. Contact Hempstead Car Leasing at 516-543-3131.