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Mitsubishi leasing in Hempstead

Mitsubishi is a Japanese auto maker that produces a select few sedans and SUVs. Mitsubishi is known to produce a few, extremely successful models. One example would be the Pajero/Montero. While now unavailable, the Montero is set to return soon and SUV fans are earnestly waiting to see what Mitsubishi has in store for us. Currently, Mitsubishi’s main models include the Lancer and the Outlander. The Lancer has been around for quite some time and has gotten progressively better over time. The Lancer is basically an ordinary passenger sedan with a sprinkle of sportiness to cater to the driving enthusiast who has a family.
The Lancer is quite inexpensive and well worth the price. You can opt for numerous trim packages that will cost you slightly higher but offer good value on added features. The Lancer sedan is also available as the higher performance Lancer Evo which costs double the price. The Outlander SUV is available under the Outlander title as well as the Outlander Sport variant. Mitsubishi also produces two compact cars; the Mirage which is a great budget option as well as the I-MIEV which is all-electric and has all the makings of a compact electric car. We have all these models at Hempstead Car Leasing along with the various trim packages that come with the brand. If you are interested in leasing a Mitsubishi, get in touch with us on 516-543-3131 and we should be able to help you with the process.

Compare Mitsubishi options

Mitsubishi’s selection is fairly limited compared to its direct competitors which include Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Subaru. While greater choice doesn’t mean better, it can be helpful to consider the other options available on the market. For instance, a close comparison can be made between the Lancer and the Subaru Impreza.
Similarly, the other models such as Outlander and Mirage can be compared to related models that Nissan, Toyota, Honda and the rest have to offer. While you may not be too interested in getting into the details, we recommend having at least a fair knowledge of what the market has to offer to prevent any regrets after making your purchase. Additionally, with our auto leasing experts, we break down the information and give you just the important facts in a clear, concise summary.

Flexible leasing plans

Another benefit of leasing your Mitsubishi with us is the sheer flexibility we offer. You don’t have to be nervous about having to break your lease later on because our policies are accommodating of these requests. In fact, we offer multiple options to break your lease. If you don’t mind waiting a few days, we can arrange a lease transfer for you by finding a suitable customer to undertake the remainder of your lease. This will cost you a fraction of what you would typically have to pay if you are actually terminating a lease.
If you would like to learn more about any of the above Mitsubishi models or would like more information about our auto leasing company, contact us on 516-543-3131.