Auto Leasing Career in Hempstead

We believe that our employees are our biggest asset and we are constantly on the lookout for new talent. At Hempstead Car Leasing, our sales force is perhaps the most important factor that contributes to our consistent success. Our values and culture are completely different to a typical auto leasing agency so we can be quite picky with our choices. We are strict on hiring people friendly individuals who have a passion for cars. While we consider experience in the auto leasing industry an advantage, we consider a high level of knowledge on the automotive industry to be more important. If you are looking for a unique career in the car leasing industry, you might be interested to read on and find out more about our company.

Online auto leasing at Hempstead Car Leasing

Hempstead Car Leasing specialized in car leasing deals with a twist. We do not operate a physical car dealership instead we offer our services online. Your initial interaction with a customer will be via a phone call however you are expected to offer a personalized service and recommend an inspection and test drive prior to signing of a lease. Your role in the company will be that of a consultant rather than a sales person. While you may be appraised based on sales performance, it is not the most important factor. Our success stems from caring for our customer and tending to their needs.
Our auto leasing professionals have plenty of responsibility as there are many variables that they are in control of which can be altered depending on the customer. Your task would be particularly challenging and inspiring as you would have to ensure that you secure the best deal for both parties; the customer and your company. If you like challenges and would like to learn more, you can speak to us on 516-543-3131 for more information.

Diversified knowledge

As mentioned above, a major requirement is knowledge of the automotive industry. With a quick look through our inventory, you’ll find that our collection of vehicles are perhaps the largest that an auto leasing company would offer. This puts us in a great position to efficiently serve our customer and give them ample choice so they can make the right decision. Having extensive knowledge about each of our brands and individual models is a pre-requisite to working with us. While we don’t expect new employees to have complete knowledge of all models right away because of our sheer volume, you will be expected to learn quickly while you are on the job with the assistance of our senior auto leasing executives.
We also offer financing assistance so your knowledge will also have to be thorough in terms of auto financing and securing the best deals.

Apply today

Working at Hempstead Car Leasing will be an experience that you will certainly cherish with our multiple job responsibilities and broad exposure. If you are interested in a lucrative career that will exercise multiple skills, send in your CV. You can also contact us on 516-543-3131 to learn more about our car leasing company.