Exit your Lease Early in Hempstead

Early lease termination in Hempstead is as difficult a process as it is anywhere. Most auto leasing companies have strict rules on processing early termination requests. Hempstead Car Leasing was started with the goal of eliminating a number of issues and processing early lease termination is one of them. The truth is that car leasing services don’t have it easy either. A high rate of early termination would result in eventual bankruptcy which is why the need for heavy fees and compensation is in place.
Additionally, any contract comes with strict repercussions if not adhered to and exiting your lease early is no different. With our several years of experience, we find that sometimes customers are in a situation where they have no other choice. However, having a less strict policy on lease termination would result in customers returning their leases day in and out. Hempstead Car Leasing found a way around this issue.

Detailed assessment and consultation

Our goal when establishing Hempstead Car Leasing with regard to early termination was to provide our customers the option of getting out of a lease but only if reasons apart from dissatisfaction of the vehicle is the cause. To ensure this, we have put in strict procedures to provide a full tour of any car a customer is interested in. Even if a customer is convinced about a particular car and wants to sign a lease right away, we ensure that we have relayed all positive and negative points about a particular car model and also insisted on a test drive and inspection so that the customer is assured of using the car for the full term.
By incorporating a lease sign up procedure as above, we have been able to maintain an easy exit strategy without a hefty fee or lengthy procedure so that customers who need to get out of a lease can do so without being tied down to the contract. With our comprehensive consultation in place, we have been able to maintain a very low rate of early lease cancellations. If you would like to learn more about early lease termination and our policies that come with it, contact us on 516-543-3131.

Other ways to terminate a lease

Apart from outright lease terminations, we alternatively have a couple of other options available. Firstly, you can transfer your lease and secondly you can opt for selling your car and then pay us the remaining lease payments as well as the residual price. The latter may usually not be the best option unless you manage to find a great deal. Transferring a lease however is an option we recommend over terminating the lease as it would cost you less. In addition, it would benefit a third party as well as us, as a company since the contract you terminated will still be completed by another lessee.
We assist our lessees by undertaking the task of finding a suitable lessee to assume your lease. If you would like to learn more about our policies pertaining to our auto leasing services, contact us on 516-543-3131.